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Mike’s 59 Day Career Search Advice

Mike's 59 Day Career Search Advice

A good friend and a handful of new networking contacts suggested that I write this post, possibly to help others. It feels a little awkward, but multiple people have asked, and encouraged me to spread the word, and I agreed, so here I am. It’s late, but as my dear ol’ Mom used to say, “Better late than never.” I’ve shared some of this in another post and in several messages I sent to networking groups, so I hope it helps someone. Unless I get questions, this is the last you’ll hear about it.

By way of background, my first experience with downsizing (or more specifically, being downsized myself) was in March of 2007, when my position was eliminated as a result of the subprime mortgage industry crash. At that time, an entire division at my company was closed, impacting a lot of people. Because of the size of the closure, the Federal WARN act was invoked and we received a notice of 60 days. After an intense search, I started my new job on day 59, moving my family from Ohio to Texas in the process. Read more

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10 Things Emotionally Resilient People Don’t Do

10 Things Emotionally Resilient People Don’t Do

Emotional resilience is trendy, so read on. Basically, this means that if you are emotionally resilient, you can bounce back from most setbacks that life can throw at you. In times of stress, failure or even a natural disaster, your emotional resilience will be put to the test. The word ‘resilience’ comes from the Latin word ‘resilio’ which means to bounce back. Business people, social workers and school children can all benefit from this emotional fitness.

So, how emotionally fit are you? Let us look at what these people never do because they have a natural talent to cope with the stress of everyday living.

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