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You’ve Been Overlooked for a Promotion

You've Been Overlooked for a Promotion

Have you ever applied for a promotion, but didn’t get it? It can be tough, but it is possible to get through the experience with your ego intact, as well as garnering respect from others for your calm and considered attitude.

Calm down to begin with. While you may feel a raging torrent of anger and perhaps a sense of unfairness at being passed over “after all you’ve done”, this won’t endear you to anyone witnessing a meltdown and it won’t make things easier for you. You cannot change what has happened. And while feeling disappointed is natural and expected, making it known that you’re upset and devastated about missing out will make others feel uncomfortable and could reach the ears of those in a position to promote you next time, causing them to wonder if you’re able to handle difficult situations. Most of all, don’t sulk, behave petulantly or act as if something you were entitled to has been “stolen” away from you. All of the responses will cause others to think less of you. Read more

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